Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon Pictures

There are about 200 photos here from the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon on October 8, 2006. Not all of them are in perfect order but none are more than a couple spots out of place. I got almost everyone except for a few each time I had to swap out a memory stick. So figure out approximately what time you might have passed 10 miles and check the time stamp in the lower right. (The race began around 8:30, the first runners passed this point at 9:28.)

The originals are 5 mega-pixels except for the last 25 or 30 which I had to shoot on an old spare 1.3 Mpix camera after I ran out of memory. If you would like to have a full resolution copy, send me an email. You can discover my email address at the bottom of my home page: http://home.nycap.rr.com/sumorunner/

NO REALLY, they're free. I'm not charging anything for doing this. Stop asking me if there's a charge. Ask and you shall receive.


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